​We were all at the sea, 

Talking with one another, 

Looking at the wave of the sea, 

Not long we saw a spirit walking on water, 

We were filled with fears and so we cried out,  

Calmly we hear that spirit say to us, 

Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid” 

In our hearts we said “which I?” 

Then I said “Lord, if it be thou, 

bid me come unto thee on the water” 

Immediately He said one word “Come!” 

Swiftly I received strength to walk,  

My feet were all on the waters, 

As I looked to Him to walk, 

Rejoicing in my heart for the walk, 

But… Not long I saw the wind of the sea,

Fear took my heart, 

For my eyes were away from the Lord, 

Then I had my intense focus on the storm, 

There I began to sink, 

Till I was almost gone, 

But in a loud voice I cried, 

“Lord, save me!”

Then be grab my hands, 

And said to me “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?

This question I can not answer, 

For I was silent yet seeing His power, 

That walked me to the ship, 

And then the wind ceased, 

This I see when my eyes were on Him, 

I was strong walking on the water, 

But as soon as my eyes were on the wind, 

The wind took me off my feet in doubt, 

Then I began to sink, 

What I lesson I learn today.