So I see you make some mouth about your love for Me, 

Showing it with everything you have, 

I was mute because… 

I know you still have so much to learn, 

You could not keep it again, 

Until you said you’ll even die with Me, 

This I utter for which will come to pass, 

That before the cock crow, 

You’ll deny me three times, 

Not that your love was not pure enough,

But I have to make you know, 

That I hold you by My mercy, 

Even before the small girl, 

You denied Me…

You never remember how you did it, 

It was after the cock crow that you remember,  

There you remember My words, 

You remember that I told you, 

That Satan has decided to sift you as wheat,  

But My prayer will hold you, 

This, even will I not stop at My Father’s right hand, 

You don’t boast of anything, 

Just let your boast be in this, 

That you know Me, 

Don’t just love Me in words, 

But love me in deed even in Your heart, 

For therein I sent the Holy Ghost, 

To shed My love.