While I sit to look at Him, 

Working with all His power to bring me to a place called IN HIM, 

I see the way He is working, 

While I danced towards the direction of His hand, 

I keep imagining “what’s He up to?” 

Well, I never know, I answered all by myself, 

I’m left to keep wondering what it is exactly?  

He keep working with deep labour over me, 

I watch Him neither sleep nor having a slumber, 

Whenever I lose the direction He gets me back right on time, 

He’s working towards the desire of His heart, 

Then I just summon courage to ask, 

“What are you up to Lord?”,  

Maybe you’ll tell me Lord, I continued…

He was focused yet working on me, 

But I noticed something changed just in a moment, 

I noticed a new look on His face with a smile, 

Then I ask, “what’s that?” 

He kept to the way He was focused just working on me, 

But there I guessed that it’s like He is almost through, 

Then I see the smile becomes much stronger and stronger, 

But I was curious, thinking… what are you up to? I asked the more, 

There in a minute I see all He was doing, 

I see so much rest in His eyes as He further me the more to the top, 

At last He answered my first question, 

See, for I know the thoughts that I have towards you, 

If I had told you all the plans and things that will happen to you while I take you by the hand,

You might have taken to your heels, 

But as I put you in a wonder and then following My steps, 

I was ordering your steps into My divine will, 

While a step of you was wrong, 

I find a way to quickly bring you right back on track, 

My eyes were focused on your feet all through, 

This was because the wicked one had interest in your feet, 

For which you ought to bruise his head, 

But now I have perfected My Son in you, 

So much that as you are now, 

My Son is made perfect in you, 

Even though you may not see yourself yet that way, But that’s the way you are now, 

You just walk the more in all My steps, 

My Spirit will guide you and as you obey Him, 

All My plans will be unfolded one after the other.