Cont’d (from Part one) 

While my servant slaughter the calf, 

I went back to meet my wife, 

Quickly we gave them all that we prepared, 

They said a word to my wife, 

Which made her to laugh, 

Though she said she didn’t, 


Thereafter they lifted up their eyes to move on, 

I insisted to follow them, 

This I noticed that they were saying something to one another, 

Was thinking they will say, 

“It’s alright now you can go back”

But this they want to do, 

To see the cry of that city that have come up to them, 

Destruction I perceive await such, 

But I took a stand before them, 

And then I draw near to them saying, 

“What if you find righteous people there?”

There I stood as a righteous man, 

And took up my garment as an intercessor, 

Mediating between God and man, 

I successfully reduced the number, 

For my plea was heard of that city, 

Till I said yet this once, 

Then I was left till I see them not again, 

Coming back home to relax with my wife, 

While she asked me all that have happened, 

Then I told her because I know, 

She will like to hear it all.