It’s the pure sound of the Spirit, 

Where those who tune their ears hear, 

Blown for a call and a desperate call, 

A call has been made and a sound has gone head, 

They that hear the sound knows Him that blew the sound, 

They follow the sound and obeyed it, 

They understood the meaning thereof, 

It’s foolishness to the world, 

But salvation to all that knows it, 

The church will face her highest persecution this season, 

But that sound the wise follows and prepares, 

They that hear pulled courage, 

March like a soldier all with their weapons, 

Determined and not looking back, 

Ready to die for this cause, 

They understand death and they have been saved from the fear of death, 

They lived with the better resurrection not accepting deliverance, 

Sight within and strong they go, 

No fears they gladly await this like a soldier for war, 

Understanding the course of victory… 

“I am glad that there is some trouble in being a Christian, for it has become a very common thing to profess to be one. If I am right, it is going to become a much less common thing for a person to say, “I am a Christian” ” -Charles Spurgeon