“Our leadership life may not be productive unless we embrace servant leadership” 

We need to understand this part of leadership that every leader is first a servant and always a servant in leadership. Let’s look at 


    A servant is a someone hired and devoted to do a specific assignment in a place. 

    1. The ability to serve: When it comes to service with a servant is not an option, it is what they have been committed to do. They serve to ensure the progress of what they are hired for. 
    2. The ability to think of themselves last: This is one part that is serious when it comes to being a servant, you will serve everyone first then you serve yourself last. That last thing is always instill in a servant. One that is selfish will never be able to handle this. 
    3. The ability to fear the one who hires him: When you hire a someone as a servant, there is always this consciousness and the fear of the person that hired them. They reference the person 
    4. The ability to submit: A proud hearted person can not serve in a house or in any place, such will raise himself so high than the person that hired him. 
    5. The ability to be committed to serve: The purpose of hiring him in the first place is because you need him to be committed and by measure of working with the person that hired them they stay committed to serve. One good example of this from scriptures is Uriah that even when David made his drunk he was still able to locate his post. 

      You must learn this qualities in a servant and then infuse them into your leadership lifestyle. No man ever become a great leader without first learning how to be a servant. What will cause a shift in any leadership position we find ourselves is to serve and not to lead. Service always provide a platform for leadership, when service is in place then leadership is in place. We may not raise good leaders unless we raise good servants. Most people hate to serve men but loved to be served, such is not a leader but a follower. Your servanthood life will reveal your leadership life, because the trace to good leadership is the servant lifestyle in leadership. When it comes to being a leader we have to learn to serve than to lead and to be a good leader you have to be committed to service. You need to serve with the heart of a sacrifice, sacrifice can never be taken away from leadership: it is the true exposure of the heart of true leader. Servant leadership is the true deal to becoming a great leader anywhere around the globe.