We were four in a strange land as slaves, 

Oh we’re troubled, 

Till one day we were offered strange food,

Though this others did not see as strange,

Even though it was served from the table of the king, 

But we understood what it was, 

So we all decided not to defile ourselves with it, 

So we just demanded to be served with vegetables and water, 

And to be given the space of ten days, 

Through his eyes we knew he was happy about our decision, 

But we convinced him the more, 

Then he agreed with our plea, 

For this we consistently took for ten days, 

And when it was over, 

We knew there was a great change between us and others, 

For when the man came he saw the much difference, 

So he saw that we know what we want, 

He continued therefore in our offer, 

And when the time was come, 

To be taken before the king, 

For which all of us must stand before him,

Then were we found ten times better, 

Better than the rest that took the meal, 

This we observe for each day, 

 For which we separated ourselves not to be defiled, 

We required of the man TEN days, 

Therefore in all matters of wisdom and understanding, 

God made us TEN times better than them all.