Women are not weak people, they are stronger than they appear. They have a unique spirit in them and they tend to be discerning more than men. They have quick response to the Lord, they have a yielding heart towards the Lord. Over the times the world has seen women as the weakest thing in the world, they have stabbed who a woman is and engage them with what they are not when seen under the picture of the word of God. They have taken them to be nothing by saying words like “it is men’s world”  but the truth is a woman has a divine strength within that is often stronger than that of a man, they have a deep wisdom that need to be drawn out from within. This they operate in it a little but when they pay more attention to it, it will become a great virtue for them. A woman  is engrace with the life of  God and often when their husbands learn to build them to become the woman they ought to be, it is such a great blessing for the man.



Psalms  1:2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

Colossians  4:2 Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;

To start with, the word “his and he” here does not leave the woman aside, in scriptures we often see where the word points to a man and also a woman. But specifically we see occasions when scriptures says man and it refers to both man and woman, so also is this scripture. As a woman your delight should be in the law of God and you do this by studying the word day and night. When you spend time with the word you will become what the word of God says you are, I want you to know that the likeness of God is not for men alone, it’s for both men and women, that’s why scriptures says a woman is an heir together of the grace of life with her husband. 

“When you get yourself soaked with the word of God you will come out to become what God says about you”

The truth is, a thing may be in a woman’s life and she may not realise it and just allow it lie their within her. A woman is like a field that need to be cultivated and then pull out the resources in her by investing the right seeds in her to make her live her uttermost expression in life. Being a woman is not about attending to things but about living out to your full potentials in Christ Jesus. The effect of prayer and the word in a woman’s life is great, it pulls out your divine strength within, it pulls out your very nature in the Lord, it takes you beyond just an ordinary woman to what God has called you to be. When you spend time and right resources in prayer and the word and reading books it enlightens your mind, enlarges your heart more in response to the Lord, bringing out the unknown, unreached, untapped resources in you and they draw it out like you draw out with joy from the wells of salvation. You can’t spend time in prayer and the word and not live a God ordained life. No! It’s in the secret place of prayers that your true womanhood will be birthed and nourished till it reach an incomparable life from the rest of the world and when that is in  you no one will resist the wisdom at which you speak and the Spirit of God behind it. 

“The life of God in us does not know gender, it only produce in you the measure of your walk with God”


1 Peter  3:2 While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear.  

3:3 WHOSE  ADORNING LET IT NOT BE THAT OUTWARD ADORNING  of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel;  


It’s good to look beautiful as a woman, I for one specifically love it but you must look out to the hidden man of the heart as the word says. I know within me that a woman is more than who they think they are, and that fixed knowledge about a woman must change. A woman is concealed within and needs to be revealed. 

“You will understand that she has been in Adam until God caused Adam to sleep and then brought Eve out of Adam(and that’s the more reason Adam defined a woman to be taken out of man), she has always been hidden within Adam, you know Adam was made from the ground but Eve was made from what has been made and lies hidden in Adam until God took occasion to draw her out of Adam”

I tell you a woman need to be revealed! A lot of people feel they know women, no, wait till they are revealed and they see their full potential in Christ Jesus. 

Let’s look at that scripture briefly… 


The hidden man of the heart of a woman is not corruptible. This means the inner nature and virtue which you possess is not corruptible and that’s what you should adorn yourself with. For something to be incorruptible it has to be immortal, for you as a woman you possess that immortal life within. It must be lived and I tell you is beyond beauty. Beauty reduces a little with age but inner beauty renews your beauty within to reflect it without. 

“The beauty of a woman is more than her outward beauty but her true beauty is a reflection of the life she possess within”

You should learn to adorn yourself in such a way that when people come close they will know there is something special about you as a woman. They will sense that incorruptible life within. That incorruptible life is the life of God  within you and you need to live it out(to adorn yourself with it). 


One of the things a woman must adorn herself with is meekness, that’s gentleness of spirit, slow to anger and swift to hear.  When meekness is in place in a woman’s life it draws out the purity  of the Lord in her such that it distinct your womanhood. A meek woman is not a weak woman but a woman that possess great virtue which energizes her strength within. 

“The true beauty of a woman is seen in meekness, when meekness is in place in a woman’s life it separate her from others”

You can’t hide meekness when it is operating in your life, though it is hidden in the heart but when lived it will clearly be seen that there is something you carry. 

“A woman carry something within but can not be known truly to her unless  she spend time digging through the word of God and in prayers, these two factors will bring them out in her”



This is where the secret of a woman lies, a quiet spirit. I have  seen this operated in a lot of people’s lives and I tell you it’s such a great gift as I may call it. This quiet spirit is seen especially when storms and challenges comes, it uphold a woman such that it stands the storm with this peace within. A quiet spirit in a woman kills worry. When you possess yourself with this quiet spirit it builds in you even the ability to hold your husband and often men don’t have this. A quiet spirit gives a woman direction as she is guided by the peace of God. 

“You identify a woman with a quiet spirit when she does not have worries even when there are things to worry about, her quiet spirit destroys worry”

The Bible called these three things a great price. Your husband will honour the grace of God in your life when he sees this in operation in your life even your children will call you blessed. I hope you are blessed by this? 


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