“We must learn to be deliberate about people, and ensure to spend our time on them” 

We are a people of impact and and we must learn to be deliberate about people. We must also ensure that first we are a blessing to ourselves, by having a fellowship with God so that we can bear good fruit and may be profitable to all. How can we touch lives. 


“When you’re able to identify someone, you’ll see clearly the area where you can at least be of help “

For me I believe God does not just bring people to me, I know God is intentional about everyone that I meet in my life and there is a purpose for which everyone that comes my way serves, so I just learn to perceive what each person is, thereby identifying them early. I have missed friends which I should have earlier on identified but I was not able to pick them early and that can be painful. Don’t just allow everyone that comes your way go like that, there is something to learn from them and there I something to give  to from them to bless them. Just identify who they are and see how you can be of help, then just go ahead to help such people by picking up their area of interest by focusing on it. 


“Being intentional is the roadmap to success”

I have realized that except you’re intentional about people you’ll hardly get anything done in people’s lives. Though there will be some that after you have discovered them you’ll need to be intentional to help them especially on areas where you feel you could be of great help. You may find people that seem slow but just try to give them much time for that’s where long-suffering comes in. You need to allow the drive of being a blessing keep you on this and you see that the end will be beautiful. It’s always hard to be of a great impact to people especially when they are slow but by a commitment of being intentional, you’ll see people’s true ability come out. Be intentional in the sense that you really want to help and you’re given your all to it. 


“Give your time to people and then you reap a nation”

I used that word “waste” because you’ll actually need to spend more time on people: in prayers, in word and in all. Time is precious to all but learn to waste your time on them by ensuring that they will become better and better in what they do. In giving your time you’re making sacrifice for them, you hardly get result on what you don’t waste your time on. You need to deeply spend your time on people, if there is anything I enjoy doing with people that I identify which I could be of help to is to spend serious time with them. 


“Be a plus to people that it becomes so hard that the seed sown in such will be never be taken away”

I hardly leave people the same way I met them, all I do is to see how I can be a blessing to them either in prayer, in word or what I perceive in my heart. People always need help in one area or the other of their lives and you’re not left out too because you’re a man. We must learn to identify people, be intentional about them and never to leave them the same way we met them, this is how to be a blessing to people.