“To go high, we must learn to set our love on the Lord”

I came across this scripture and I thought to share it with you. I realized that to go high is easy without the effort of any man. In fact, we mostly depend on man in order to go high in life. But, this scripture gives a simple way to go high by God’s own effort. So, God said… 

Psalms  91:14 Because HE HATH SET HIS LOVE UPON ME, therefore will I deliver him: I WILL SET HIM ON HIGH, because he hath known my name.

When you set your eyes on something, you’re focusing on that thing and seeing no other thing. Now this scripture says to set our eyes on the Lord and we see that God said He will set us high. Someone said, when a man lift you up he lift you above his head. But, what if God now sets you high, how will it be? 

Beloved, set your eyes and love on the Lord to day. You don’t need man to lift you high, but by loving Jesus and setting your love on Him, He will lift you high. I know you have a Bible translation that makes this passage simpler. I’d like you to please our readers post your translation on this verse using our comment box. Your comments are highly welcomed! Thank you!