“Our mind need to be sound in other to effectively pray” 

Prayer is very important in our lives, it is a means to communicate with God and to enhance our relationship with the Father. There is an aspect I will like us to look into even as a praying believer, we need to ensure that our minds are sound and our bodies also are sound and prepared when we want to pray. Now we shouldn’t feel this is less important and that we don’t need a sound mind to pray. The truth is if the body is weak we may not be able to pray effectively the way we ought to. This does not mean we pray with our body but to see that our bodies are sound as we pray with our hearts to the Lord. You know when a part of the body is effected it will affect all other members of the body. What we need to do therefore is to ensure we rest well and prepare our minds for prayers. Now take for example if you’re to pray around 1:00am you should take time to rest so that your body and mind can be very active to pray. A stressful body may not respond to prayer as such, it may begin to respond to the weakness of the body and not ability to pray. We know that the flesh weak to pray but ready to spend hours on things that does not count, but we must be deliberate enough to take our rest ahead of time and also prepare our bodies to pray. When our body is active it will help our prayers also. This I found to be very important to us because we need it to enhance our prayer life. 

Finally, in having a sound mind we must also learn to speak to our bodies so that it can also agree or respond to the prayer that we are about to launch into. Now this is what I mean, somehow you don’t have to tell your body that it need pleasure, for example to play games, have time for films etc our bodies just respond to it or it can even dictate that we need them now and that same body can tell us that we don’t need to pray but to sleep and we may respond to it if care is not taken. So we find out that our bodies will then condition our mind on prayers and then it may continue like that spending our times on some things but not on prayers. So we can actually speak to our bodies that “my body we are going on one hour prayer today” and then with the help of the Holy Spirit we find ourselves praying for that one hour. You see have found out that we need to give ourselves some measures of discipline and also all measures of reliance on the Holy Spirit to help us pray. I pray that you’ll be strengthen with all might as you set to pray always in Jesus name! (Amen).