“The power made available in the place of prayers is greater than the man that prayed”

I am more persuaded than ever that the right place to get strength from is in the place of prayers. 

Even when all seem fading away and nothing seem to work, only a perceived heart for prayers will pray. 

When the heart is bowed to the Lord with the watch of mercy in the lips and heaven sense the touch of humility such a shift we see. 

When the true cry of faith proceed from the heart for the hand of the Lord to be seen upon every thing we may desire. 

Even as I draw out my strength daily not just in a request but in a plead standing on the right of God’s word, awaiting a response 

I am more persuaded that I can only see a shift in my life when my life has touched heaven with prayers and obedience. 

When all I see daily is not just to pray alone but seeing that prayer truly as become a reflection of my fellowship with God. 

When prayer has become more than a word to me, just to rush and say few words that carry less power not sure to be heard without faith. 

Even as I bow my heart in all humility to the Lord to take away my weakness and empower me with grace and mercy to touch His heart. 

There to shake the earth when there has been a deep conversation with my Lord in prayers not shifting my ground for what I seek for. 

Always and always praying not just as a tradition but seeing that I have Him on my inside speaking with Him. 

Daily with an understanding that He is my Lord, and to know that He is my friend, telling Him all before the ears of any man hear my worries. 

I am more persuaded that the strongest of men will fail, the wisest of men will stumble but only a man of prayer will be kept.