Everyone want to succeed in leadership but people have not taking time to find out how. Finding how to succeed is the key to success in leadership. Let’s see the ways to succeed in leadership 


The thing is everyone want to become a leader but they are not prepared for it. Preparation is one of the key factors to succeed in leadership and there must have been some measures of training you have went through by serving. This training by serving will produce in you a measure of good quality leadership lifestyle, such preparation will have birth in you the ability to serve by leading. The key factor to leadership is service and not leading but service make grounds for ability to lead. Leadership does not give room for service but service will produce in you leadership. You’ll now understand that leadership becomes a platform to serve and not to lead, this is because any man that has the capacity to serve as the capacity to lead. Service produce on your inside the capacity to lead rightly by serving. 


You must understand that where you want to lead some people have been there before and you must learn to find out about them. One thing this will do for you is that it will make open to you their mistakes and their perfections and you must learn to embrace their perfection and work on it, take their mistakes and look deep into it by ensuring you don’t repeat them. Many people fall into the same error of those who have gone ahead of them because they never took time to find out about them. Even scriptures says they are writing for our examples. When you find out about leaders who have gone ahead of you it will open to you what you have not seen before. So you must learn to do findings on people that have gone ahead of you. 


Leadership is an intentional act of a person to serve and not to lead, service is always ahead of leadership. When service is formed in a man leadership is formed in a man. No great leader emerged without first having being committed to service before, this is because when service is in place leadership is in place. What will bring about the EMERGENCE of great leaders in any country is when we have the EMERGENCE of servants. Literally speaking, no man love to be a servant but in such men that are servants lies the ability to serve in the place of leadership. Every man that serve are always despised but in such are our true leaders. The act of true service is what produces good leadership in man.


We have many great leaders but they have not taking time to raise men after their kind and this have not caused a reproduction of many great leaders in our country. Though in raising men the successor may have a little difference from their predecessors but they will be raised in such character and lifestyle of leadership as themselves. Every great leader should learn to produce men like themselves for such is what Jesus did by showing or demonstrating His life before all and the apostles follow suit, and then we have His life speaking in us. The problem of this in politics is that our leaders love to bring men that they want to hand over to but have never spent time to raise. There is a Proverb in Nigeria that says “when a banana plant dies it will replace itself with his child” this is true because when  you see the mother plant of a banana you will always see her little children coming up with it, as it is sourced by the mother plant and also receiving the same nutrient from her, so you will also see the little one growing up with the mother plant and then when it dies the little ones growing up will replace the mother plant by bringing forth the same thing the mother plant produced. No better plant is best to replace the mother plant than the child beside it because for some time it has received nutrient TOGETHER with it. We ought to have leaders who can replace themselves by their successor which they have taken time to raise after their kind. 


Leaders often lack this quality in their lives whereby they do not have the fear of the Lord in their hearts, they mostly treat their followers as slaves which ought not to be so. When the fear of God is in place we will LEAD to honour God. Leaders should know that as they lead they also have a head over them which is the Lord Jesus Christ. Serve as you lead, serve with the fear of God and all you’ll see is success.