One of the most common prayers you will hear at this time is “I won’t die with this year”. But, as good as that prayer sounds it focuses more on fear. I will like my readers to see this in a new way as scriptures puts it. Actually, a friend of mine Busola Adu sent the scripture to me some weeks ago and I had to search for the translation that she used and since then my eyes has not left that scripture. Even when I don’t open it, is always on my mind praying it with deep desire. But, I guess you’ll also like to see the scripture. 

What I will beg you to do at this moment is to place your attention on God and His word more than what any month is said to be. Let’s see the scripture together from the New Living Translation 

Psalms 65:11 You(God) crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.

Crown is very important especially for Kings and some drinks. They don’t only serve as symbols but they serve as the beauty of that thing. The year is beautiful for us as the Lord crowns it with bountiful harvest for us. It means we might have sown a seed before that time and we should expect a bountiful harvest. I love the last part “even the hard pathways overflow with abundance” this is a blessing. The word “hard pathways” is important here, it tells there is no way forward but, because the Lord crowns it with abundance those pathways overflow with abundance. Bless the Lord for a great year!