​​”The true sustenance of man lies on God”

In life we may be facing different challenges but God’s answer to all our challenges is the same, which is to cast our cares on on Him. 

1 Peter  5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you

“The one who receives the casting of the cares upon himself must be stronger than the person that cast the cares and such must have the sustainability strength not on being able to hold himself to bear the cares but on being able to hold the person that cast the cares”

The way this casting looks to me is like when a fisherman cast his net to a river to catch a fish and then draw out fishes. But what is important to me is the intentional act of the fisherman to cast his net, which is why to cast our cares upon the Lord we need to be intentional about it, by truly casting our cares and burden upon Him to help us. The Amplified version of this text challenges me a lot and instruct me on how to accurately trust the Lord by casting my cares upon Him. 

1 Peter 57 CASTING THE WHOLE OF YOUR CARE [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, ONCE AND FOR ALL] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and CARES ABOUT YOU WATCHFULLY.

“Trust is the defining factor for casting our cares upon the Lord. When we trust Him enough we will truly cast our cares upon Him”

It’s says to cast the whole of our cares once and for all, it tells we don’t have to keeping casting it but to release it once and for all to Him. Rev Kenneth E. Hagin, taught me this even the usage of this passage in the Amplified Version and this I do in remembering this scriptures to cast my cares once and for all on the Lord. Trust is important as we aim to cast our cares upon the Lord, knowing that the Lord will help us. Now let’s see another scripture that will be of help to us. 
Psalms  55:22 Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

“The essence of casting our burden is for sustenance and who we cast it upon will tell the height of our sustainability”

We see another casting that further tells us that our sustainable lies on casting our cares and burden upon the LORD. We see that this two passages refer to who to cast it on: “CAST ALL YOUR CARES ONCE AND FOR ALL UPON HIM”  and the other one says “CAST THY BURDEN UPON THE LORD”. Therefore it is clear on who to cast it on which is on the Lord. The word “Lord” means “owner” this then implies that as we cast our burden upon our Owner, He will sustain us and actually owners are responsible for what they own that’s why David used it as the Lord is my Shepherd. 
Psalms  23:1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

To give a little light on this… The word “LORD” means “Owner”  like to have a “Landlord” etc. David identified with an owner and then quickly tells what that LORD does. Just like you have, “my landlord is the owner of my house”. So he told us more about that Lord because every Lord own something and they are always identified by it and said that Lord is a shepherd. And to understand the Lord he meant, we saw that it referred to no other Shepherd than the good Shepherd. This means “shepherdlord” so it reads in this sense that “The shepherdlord is my shepherd” then there is something that lords does, they don’t just Lord a thing but they are also known by what they do, by what they own and because they are known by it they fully occupy that place. So David said “the Lord my shepherd, I shall not want”  why? Because what this shepherd does is to provide, protect, sustain, lead and keep. You see that’s how to be sustained by the LORD by casting our burden upon Him and He will sustain us. The strength of being sustained lies on who we cast our burden upon. When we cast our burden upon man we will not be sustained at all. It has to be to the Lord. A man will be sustained by who he cast his burden upon, but no man can bear us like the Lord. Be strengthened!