You know as much as being spiritual is very important, we must learn to keep our romantic lives on a high level. Yes, please learn to fellowship together but understand that ordinary thing you may called it like being romantic with your partner could break your fellowship in prayer and the word. We must not take these things for granted especially with your wife as the husband. You must learn to understand your partner and pay a very good attention to meeting even his or her needs. Small things as we may see it breaks fellowship. 

Many a times husbands start some things that they could not continue in their marriage. Maybe they might have even started it while they were in a relationship and then the ability to continue therein is lost. You must understand that whatever you can not continue you must not start it. You may see your wife especially bringing out an attitude that looks strange. Is not that she’s no longer in love with you or that she’s no longer spiritual but you have done something wrong and once the hearts are divided, agreement in the place of prayers may be lost. This may be the very little foxes that spoil the vine of marriages and you must pay attention to being romantic as ever so that this will not affect the vital aspect of your life.