How shall I forget this, 

When You walked by and saw me in sin, 

Holding to the Cross battered with stripes, 

Stained with blood even Your cross, 

Not even showing that I care, 

You saw me right there and then, 

All You did was to show Your love, 

You just moved on with much pain in Your body, 

Yet with joy that that’s what You came for, 

You understood the power of that cross, 

Knowing that once You die, 

This You saw me in will also die, 

Thus You held to this joy set before You, 

Despising the shame of it, 

Was not even aware that while You died, 

I died with You, 

While You were raised by the power of God, 

I did also with You, 

I saw us sitting also together at the Father’s right hand, 

Where the Father made me to be His righteousness by You.