“You can’t separate God’s people from God’s word, for it is their identity of Him. Their obedience is their submission to Him. Their walking by the word is the nature of Who they are begotten of”

Our true life in the Lord, no matter what we face in this life, no matter the challenges one thing is true, so long we belong to God we are of Him. You can’t cause a separation between God’s people and God’s word. Their lives aligns to it even when they sin, they take a conscious step back to the Lord for mercy as they receive forgiveness and a total cleansing from their sins. One thing that is very important to human is word or communication. Even the folks that have challenges with hearing have the way they communicate and the folks that have challenges with their sight have the way they communicate their thoughts. God’s word has to be life given expression in us that we can not hide, you may seem busy or not spending time with God but one thing is sure God will always reach out to bring you back to His word and we must intelligent effort to respond to God. God knows that you can’t live without His word. When we live without God’s word is like we are dead yet alive but what God does to us is to quicken our spirit to always connect and receive life in God. We can’t live except by the word. Our true nature is seen as we walk, talk and live by the word. The truth is, when you see how some folks speak you’ll understand where they came from, often the manner and confidence at which they speak can make you feel angry, but this is of where they came from. You can’t change how they speak, likewise as God’s people, we must be known by how we walk, how we conduct our lives. As God’s people, when the word of the Lord come to us, we must give a good response to it via obedience and it must be instant. We must understand that our true life is a life anchored by God’s word. Be blessed!