“Husband and wife must learn to give for which it has no end” 

Giving should become the culture of husband and wife in their marriage, it can even become a competitive way of life for them where they are striving to do more than the other with love in view. Let’s look at the ways to give to one another in marriage 

  • Give words

“Some couples love to give words or comments to other people’s marriage neglecting their own marriage which is always wrong”

Often couples feel this is not necessary in marriage, they feel one person need it more than the other but may I tell you that your husband need it and likewise your wife also need it too. We must learn to give words especially to our husband or wife. Take for example your wife is having a need look you should learn to notice it and give a good comment on her look, your mouth should not be sealed at this point but to be opened and then give a good word like “Wow! I love your new look!” see, never appear caring outside when you care less at home. That’s not a true culture to marriage, you must learn to give words to your spouse. 

  • Give time

“You become a friend to your spouse by spending time with your spouse”

This is one aspect that do cause problem in marriage, when the husband and the wife do not have time for themselves, not to talk of time to meet themselves, I doubt when a child comes in they will even have time for that child. People claim there is no time but the fact is you can create it. People have found time for what count less in their lives but little for what count most in their lives. Spend quality time with your spouse, it keeps your union more firm and you get to know your spouse more better. 

  • Give fellowship

“The highest form of any relationship is communication”

Fellowship comes as a result of communication, fellowship brings about being one in mind and in spirit. The true essence of fellowship is to birth oneness which must not be lacked in any marriage. We need to create time to fellowship or communicate with one another, for this will open the gates of our hearts more in our marriages. What fellowship does is for bonding and alignment of hearts together. We shall see more in the next series.