​”Giving has no end when done in love, even so when applied in married the same result will be obtained”

We shall end this series by looking at 

  • Give  prayer and the word 

“When couples give time to prayers together it will make their bond stronger”

Fellowship is important even the fellowship of prayer together as husband and wife, we won’t do well in our marriages unless we learn to pray together by speaking to the Father together. We have to be deliberate when it comes to praying together. Never have a prayer life where you take an outsider to be your best prayer partner, it does not always work. 

  • Give love 

“Marriage needs love, homes need to be built on love”

One of the problem of our time is strength to actually love one another, people have taken to looking outside their marriage, than looking inside their marriage. We don’t need to look outside, when you look truly in your marriage there is a uniqueness in it that you have not found, a deep place that you have not known which need time to be discovered. Love is the true search to bring them out and as you give yourself to your marriage, those things will come out. 

  • Give room for offence

“Jesus said offence will come, so always expect it but use love to disengage it power in your marriage”

One of our major problem in marriage is that this one can not forgive that one, and that one can not forgive this one. Jesus said that offence will come and we need to prepare our heart for it by giving room for offence as scriptures said. You know the Bible says in many things we offend but if any man offend not in word the same is a perfect man. This means in the area of our words we are not yet perfected and thereby often may come but making room for it will help us not to be offended. When we learn to tame our tongue then we will be perfected in our words. Learn to forgive. What we all must say is this “my marriage MUST work” and always work towards it.