“What we believe the most forms how we live the most”

I believe in this last days the Lord will put our faith to a test so that we might know if we actually have faith in Him or not. When Jesus was leaving He said when I come back will I find faith on the earth. 

Luke  18:8  I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. NEVERTHELESS WHEN THE SON OF MAN COMETH, SHALL HE FIND FAITH ON THE EARTH?

There is nothing as hard as the question of a master to his servant, other people may ask you questions and you still try to answer but the person that is teaching you, you will just be silent and then think. So Jesus asked when He comes back shall he find faith on the earth? We should not be moved by what we see but we must be moved by the God Whom we believed in. Our belief formation is important, we must progress from our outer hearing to an inner hearing where we are overly taken by what we see in the word of God. God is not blind! 

We must come to a point in our hearts like the Hebrew guys that knew what they have even if the Lord will not answer them. The have not only known the Lord but have truly tasted of His power which is not just a word or a song to them but a reality that conquers the challenges of the fiery furnace that is before them. There are things we do that will make Jesus not to be able to sit again at the right hand of the Father but to stand up as we take the position of faith in the Lord. Jesus will unavoidablely rise before the Father to watch us take solid ground of faith in Him this will please the Lord more than having all the worldly goods 

“Our faith life must be strong enough to move God, we have seen how ordinary people’s faith moved Jesus”

We must place a deep priority on the scripture above the knowledge of the world and all that it brings. Many war are against the Bible and we should not allow our unbelief to be against it too. But must respond to our Lord through our believe on Him. 

  • I know whom I believe 

This should not just be our theme song but a true and a pure definition of who God is to us. This is also not a general believe but a believe system that guides how we live and transact with life and engage things here. We must live above human theories that fades like flames and like a dark cloud that causes the heart to fear rather than embrace the Lord. We are not just a people that exist in the face of the earth, if God so count and knows the weigh of the sand all put together than there is more to Him than science. We must learn to live by what is not seen and the thing is what we see are from what we do not see then this tells that there is more to the things not seen. We must truly know Whom we believe by holding on to the integrity of God’s word that cannot fail. Learning to hold on to His word will tell how we live by His word. We will truly live well when we live by the revelation of Him that we believe in. A knowing must be birthed in us that will cause our hearts to stand fast even when all things fail, Job’s life is a true example of how a believer should actually learn to wait, trust, pray and believe in God even when in the horror of life. Our life begin with what we believe in.