“The power made available in the place of prayers is greater than the man that prayed” 

Prayer is one of the things we must teach our children to do, I have noticed something about small children they pick things very fast and they keep it also in mind for long. For example, I taught a young girl Psalms 33:1 in song and I still see that she remembers till today. Now, when we learn to develop our children to learn how to pray, when they get old they will not depart from it. Our prayer life should be demonstrated before our children so much that they say “this is how daddy prays…” our prayer lives must be strong enough to touch our children. It is not enough to say we are men of prayer when our children do not even know how to pray. But if we demonstrate the practice of prayer before them they will take to it. 

“Our prayer lives is not strong enough until our children learn how to pray from us”

A successful parent is the one that imbibe the ability to pray into their children’s lives when they themselves  are given to prayers. We can not but teach our children to pray, this is because there is no other way to be built spiritually than in giving attention to prayer and the word. We must trust the Lord in prayers to give us wisdom to teach our children how to pray. The truth is, every spiritual action not taken as a substitute in the flesh and that may be harmful. For me, I have learn to do things by being intentional, this is because I realized that unless an intentional step is taken, no better move will made. Pray before your children everyday when they see you alone, a seed is sown.