“Culture truly is the way of life by which people live but the culture of God’s people is sound doctrine” 

Our choice word for culture here means doctrine(teachings), teachings are important in the lives of our children. When we look around us today, the overwhelming power of culture is strong, their tongue and language, how they live, how they dress etc. When it comes to the Kingdom of God we also have our culture. One powerful thing about culture is, it becomes so hard to turn men away from it. So is it when we give our children the sound doctrine of the kingdom. We need to understand that it is much more than making our children happy, it is on the power of infusing the culture of God in them such that they can not turn to evil.  

Fayokemi Oliyide said this and I agree with her  “The rate at which this world is going, keeping our children from the thickening reign of darkness wouldn’t ONLY be about abstaining them from tv… It wouldn’t be about proclaiming them as Christians… It wouldn’t be about occasionally taking them to church services… It wouldn’t be about teaching them the Lord’s prayer and some random Christian children songs… BUT IT WOULD TAKE MUCH MORE… IT WILL TAKE A CONSCIOUS LABOUR IN THE SPIRIT TO MAKE SURE THAT THEIR HEARTS ARE TOTALLY SOLD OUT TO GOD! THAT THEY BECOME HARDENED LOVERS OF GOD! You cannot protect them enough! And traditional values won’t keep them for long. its what you sow inside of them that will gain root, and develop capacity to withstand the times. If you neglect to sow, Satan won’t!”

So it has become clear that unless there is a conscious and intentional labour over our children we may lose them to Satan. The views of the media and all happening now if it can get an adult that is matured in age, and even some in the gospel, what is children that these things can not get them? Children are mostly ignorant of things and can be easily tossed around, it now lives us with this to take a consistent conscious and continuous work in the place of prayer and the word and by how we conduct the culture of heaven before them, such that they are able to reject all evil that comes to scene for them. 

Our children must be build to a point in Christ that when all things and doctrines are shaken, they will only stay on that foundation of Christ.

When we build in them the true foundation of Christ, it will keep them against all odds of Satan. The strategy of the wicked is to catch the kids and train them by all means but we must take force with heaven by building the culture of heaven in them such that they can not turn away but to keep having their faith in God and being built in the Lord always. By sowing seeds into your children’s life, you’ll be surprised how they will reject the evil of this age as they consistenly embrace the truth of God’s Kingdom and living out that culture of God in this world. When we understand the core values of God, we will love to embibe the culture of God and also live that culture of God before our children. Our community as a church can only be free from these evil only when the culture of God is properly established in our lives and in the lives of our children.