Prayer is not limited to gender. Often women are found to pray more than the men because of the capacity they have within. This needs some attention so that it can grow more than you can imagine. 

“If a woman gives  more time to prayers and develop herself in it, it will be a beautiful tool for her to use. 

Women are people that loves prayers and are often given very easily to it. But as wives we need to learn also to pray because not too many wives loves to pray, alot of things takes away our attention like to prepare meals when we get home after work, our businesses gets our attention but we can keep to prayer as a wife. Esther is a set example for women when it comes to prayer, she was a woman that devoted her time to pray no matter her royal position. 

“It does not matter the position you take as a woman you need to learn how to pray”

Given your time to prayer is not a waste of time. You can build up yourself so strong that you also carry your family in the place of prayers with your husband. Even though your husband may stand as the city gate for your home he also need you to watch with Him. You must learn to continue in prayers as a wife. 

Colossians  4:2 CONTINUE IN PRAYER, and watch in the same with thanksgiving

“Taken up some time to pray like five minutes daily is not a bad start when done consistently, as you continue your inner strength will increase to stay longer in prayers”

When you learn to continue in prayers it will build your capacity as a wife and also help you to be able to flow with your husband easily in relating with God. Praying as a wife make you love your husband more, it is one of the things prayers does. It also help you love your children and when you love your children you pray for them. Today you can take your place in the position of prayers as wife as God will help. Revelation of God’s word is a secret to prayer, that’s why you must learn to stick to the word of God in other to be able to tarry in the place of prayers.