I was captured in the very act, 

Taken by the known judges, 

To a place for the stones, 

Looking to see the first hit on my head,

There I was expecting my reward, 

There I stand right at the center of all, 

Didn’t even look up because of shame, 

I hear the voice of a strange man, 

Even as the judge expected Him to talk, 

But to my surprise I had Him say, 

“He that is without a sin should cast, 

The first stone”

Quietly I had some guilty movements,

Such as I have while coming here,  

Till I could not hear a sound again, 

Until I hear that man saying to me, 

“where are your accusers woman?”

Then I look to find the judges, 

There I see it was their steps I heard, 

So I looked up to Him and say

“No one”

So He said to me “neither do I judge you” 

Then He said “go and sin no more!” 

There alone with Him this I see, 

I find my accusers gone, 

Before then I was brought to Him, 

To the man that knew me, 

Which I never knew but…, 

I received countless mercy for my sin,

I saw His face and His love, 

I went home as a man that had no sin, 

Came with my horrible sins, 

But left justified by the Son as a Son,

Alone with Him I was on my knees in silence, 

But in my heart deeply crying for mercy, 

Which I knew I may not see, 

There I found it now am free… 

Alone with God.