“Friends we will see later” 

So I said to my friends,

Then off to my prayer closet, 

While I knee to pray to God, 

Always taking my time before the Lord, 

Constantly I receive some revelations before Him, 

This my friends knew me for, 

Always found in my  prayer room three times a day, 

Until one day when they ganged up against me, 

They looked for accusations for to get me, 

But all to no avail, 

They took me by my prayer life, 

For they said “we shall not find any occasion against him, 

Except we find it against him concerning the law of his God” 

This they know that I can not but do, 

To live without communing and interceding before my God, 

Was brought before the king, 

For which they gave him reason for the seal, 

This they made a law which can not be changed, 

This was found written in the seal, 

“That whosoever shall ask a petition of any God, 

Or man for thirty days save of thee O king, 

He shall be cast into the den of lions”

This was passed around for all to be aware of, 

I did as though I never heard it, 

But lo I fell to their trap, 

“But was that actually a trap?”

So I said within me, 

For I was caught in prayers, 

Therefore was I reported before the king, 

What was left me was judgement, 

For which everyone knew, 

Even the king had no power to change it, 

Bound in the hands and feet,  

While I was thrown to the den of lions, 

But I found an angel there holding their mouths, 

For they were not able to harm me, 

Neither did they raise a roar against me, 

Suddenly I had a cry with much panicking, 

Saying “Is your God whom thou servest continually, 

Able to deliver thee from the lions?” 

With much joy in my heart I said, 

“My God hath sent his angel, 

And hath shut the lions’ mouths,

That they have not hurt me”

Then the king said I should be let out, 

While I watch my friends and their families,  

Being thrown into the den of lions, 

But before they got to the ground, 

We heard their bones hitting the ground instead.