It all started the day I made him my treasurer, 

He loved my bag and what’s in it, 

But was taken by Satan by it, 

The love of my bag has entered his heart,

Such that he gave room for evil, 

Just like the subtle one deceived Eve, 

He also came over to meet my treasurer, 

“why not sell this man for the coin? 

Don’t you notice how He disappears, 

Whenever they want to catch Him?”

There he replied “that’s true, I never noticed that!” 

There he saw opportunity for money, 

So the interaction began to sell Me, 

Whenever I am teaching the disciples, 

We always don’t see him, 

I remember one day when that woman came, 

Preparing my body for My burial, 

Her perfume filled the whole house, 

She knows My worth so she bought the best, 

But my treasurer…

He said “why can’t we take the money for this and give to the poor?” 

I know he was fighting for my bag, 

For which he has authority on, 

Not long we saw some men come,  

My treasurer has never kissed me before, 

This I know was strange, 

But he was taking away by the coin, 

I appeared before the Pilate, 

There I ended at the cross, 

There I found my death, 

Laid upon me was the sin of the world, 

I gave up the ghost but I resurrected, 

This I see the subtle one and his host say,

“Had we known it that we were working, 

Even in accordance to the will of God, 

We would not have crucified Him”

But this was late for them, 

My glory was hidden in weakness, 

My power was hidden in shame, 

For which they took Me through,  

They forgot that “known unto God, 

Are all His works from the beginning” 

The coin was for the will…