This is about placing responsibility on the male. The first thing you must understand about your wife is that she’s your reflection. She reflects you in person.

It’s good to establish the foundation for marriage to begin with, is to know that it is Christ and His Church idea. The idea of marriage is it reflect how Christ is to the church. Both on the husband and the wife.

The woman is the the glory of the man. When she is seen the man is seen. You remember the woman mentioned in Proverbs 31, there was a mention on her husband. He’s known at the gate when he sits with the elders. Her conversation provides a sit for him among elders. Many times attention is more on that woman but take time to study her husband. The woman is reflecting her husband.

Your wife is your praise and how you treat her matters alot. How you build her matters. You must understand that the meaning of woman means “to build or builder”. You must concentrate on building your wife. It’s important she knows what you know because she reflects you.

She’s referred to as your glory. Glory is meant to be seen and not be hidden. She reflects who you are. No wonder the scriptures says about the church that as He is, so are we in this world. We reflect the Man Christ on the throne. The church is the bride of the Lamb, so we reflect Christ here!

When your wife is seen, it tells so much about you, as the husband. It gives us information about your true person, because as she is so are you! Your wife can’t reflect what you’re not! It’s seen in her character and conversation.

Hence a need to work on how she reflects you. How you treat her at home. How you make her feel important secretly with you. How you make your wife feel loved at home. If she’s not important to you, she can’t feel important outside and then it affects how she carries herself. Therefore your image is affected. A mirror can not bring out what is not seen, but what it is been projected on it. Your wife reflects what you mirror.