“God is interested in how you give, which must always be at the position of love” 

Giving must be understood and as God’s people what begin our faith is giving, for God gave His only begotten Son because He love the world. Now, we need to understand that what propels our giving life is our love life. When you’re at the position of love you tend to give easily even that which means life to you. God did not hold back His Son Whom He love rather He gave His Son because of love for us all. So I believe giving is what opens our faith, giving should not stop in our faith. 

“By the giving of the Son, many were made righteous”

We understand from scriptures that not only do we have righteousness but we also have the fruit of righteousness, so we saw Paul praying for the Philippians he said to be approved of things excellent, to be sincere without offence being filled with the fruit of righteousness which are by Christ Jesus 

Philippians  1:11  Being filled with the FRUITS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.   

Let’s look at more scriptures that talk about fruit of righteousness, we understand that chastening brings fruit of righteousness 

Hebrews  12:11  Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable FRUIT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS unto them which are exercised thereby.   

We understand that fruit of righteousness is sown… 

James  3:18  And the FRUIT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS is sown in peace of them that make peace.

This scripture make it clear that the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace. Now all these scriptures made known to us the fruit of righteousness which comes by prayer through filling, another one comes by chastening and then we see that the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace. Now to look at this lines of fruit of righteousness on the area of giving, we see that as we give the seed of faith, scriptures says that our seed sown is multiplied and by it God increases the FRUITS of our righteousness. 

2 Corinthians  9:10 Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and MULTIPLY YOUR SEED SOWN, AND INCREASE THE FRUITS OF YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS;)

So as you sow your seed God multiplies it and by that He also increases the fruits of your righteousness. It is not a right attitude of a believer to have a closed heart, when the sowing of seed in terms of money is mentioned in church, but rather our hearts should be opened with joy that as we sow our seeds, God will multiply our seed sown and also increase the fruits of our righteousness. This means to increase the fruits of righteousness we must be opened to sowing of seeds. 

Finally, scriptures says the time we sow and the time we reap will not cease 

Genesis  8:22  While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.
This is also true spiritually, seed time and harvest will not cease, so it means our fruits of righteousness will not cease as we give.