It’s simple to know that when you have a child at age 2-4, they can pick what you do. At this age, they have the “copy-copy” kind of nature.

Learning to use this for your children will help you alot. Which is, to mirror what you want them to reflect always. This is because your kids are your true reflection.

I am not so much interested in seeing your car as a parent but your children tells me alot about you. This reflects how his attitude and his reaction to things are.

A husband that beats his wife is because he saw how his father practiced it and never made a conscious effort to take that from his mind.

A small boy saw us playing draught and then he noticed what we do is to move the seeds and also ensure it sounds. So when one of the boards was free he did all that he has seen anyone do on that board. Reflection!

Jesus said a very key statement about this, He said “I do what I see My Father do!” that’s what I call reflection! They should be able to do what you do without any fears. Jesus was confronted for healing a man on Sabbath but He boldly said He shouldn’t be questioned, for I am doing what I see My Father do. It means I copy Him!

You must understand this part of reflection as a parent as the most important aspect of raising a child. What your child grow to see you practice is what he will become a professional in. Trust me, he will do it well. You remember Jesus said the Father will even show me grater things!

Too many parents teach their children wrong things unaware and they are also very consistent at it. Children pick things that are very consistent. That’s why they learn the songs on the street faster because it is being played consistently. Imagine playing your kids Misty Edwards songs consistently!

You must be intentional about what you do before your children. There is an intentional aspect of parenting. I remember a time, I placed a book on my leg where I sat, so that anyone passing by will see it. I wanted to imprint the title in their minds. I got everyone to look at the book on my leg. They all did. I was very intentional. Parenting is an intentional act where many times you don’t talk but you speak loudly at what you do before your kids.