“To win the fight, you’ve got to have the right strategy and the right resources because victories don’t come by accident”  -Miss Clara (from the movie War Room) 

Becoming a woman of prayer is essential, I believe that women have deep strength within that is more than they appear. I believe that when a woman stands to pray for her husband or for her children she enters into that moment of prayer strategically. A woman is made of a divine strength that if developed she will actualize all that she is as a woman. For a woman to enter into strategic prayers she have to be a woman that loves the light of God’s word. For there is no strategic prayers than learning to pray the word. 

To pray strategically is to first be a woman of the word, knowing fully well that your prayers can not be rejected or denied when you pray the word of God. 

“The reason a woman must learn to pray strategically is that when she prays she enters into the core heart of God and she knows how to get her prayers answered by taking hold on the word of God”

One thing that is difficult for every man to deny is what he says, even when some do they know within themselves that they actually said those words. That’s how it is when you pray the word of God, you understand by light that God can not deny Himself and then you enter into prayer and get your request right there in the hands.

2 Timothy  2:13  If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: HE CANNOT DENY HIMSELF.

“A woman that has learn to pray strategic prayers is a woman that knows how to feast with the word of God such that none of her prayers is without the power and the strength of God’s word. Even when she has not gotten an answer, the fact that she prays make her to have the title deed of the of her request”

You hardly find her complain, she knows where to get the result, she picks the word and then engage herself with the word of God and so she begins to pray. The position she takes in the Spirit is such a position that she understands the Lord  she is going to meet. Her capacity is so enlarged that she can move any mountain by engaging herself with prayers and the word. In praying a strategic prayers all that will occupy your heart will be the word of God and what you want from the Lord that’s in the word. When you pray strategically by the revelation of God’s word it fills your heart with deep peace.