Some of school of thoughts will have that in mind that “we need to allow SEX in relationship”. I just see a generation that want to rise against all that the word of God stands for. Almost everything is being attacked but the truth is, the word of the Lord stands sure. While this thought runs in some people’s mind, I know they may some day give reasons “why sex must be allowed in relationship” I speak on relationship a lot. In fact I am a Radio Presenter and I speak to singles on my show but when it comes to issues like this, I made it clear that is not for singles to practice them. Yes, you can know about it or read about it from trusted authors like Tim Lahaye(Act of Marriage) and Dag Heward-Mills(Model Marriage). In fact this books are advised to be read when you’re close to getting married. These books teaches on all you need to know about sex without hiding anything and heals you of porn. 

Our generation must stand against all that is against God’s word and embrace sexual purity and even if you fall you must pick up again by seeking for mercy. If the wicked doctrine flying around on social media can go on like this then expect to see “WHY SEX MUST BE ALLOWED IN A RELATIONSHIP” to begin to spread around and then just as some are taking to some of those wind of doctrine. They may eventually take to it. But sex is established to be in the box of marriage. Is that simple. Wait!