“The power made available in the place of prayers is greater than the man that prayed” 

Prayer is deeper than just taking it as a normal ritual, it is an access into God whereby things are unlocked unto us, and as we take our place for our children in the place of prayers they will be kept. Looking at the days we are in, it has become of force for sensitive couples that are expecting to begin to pray even the will of God to be done in the lives of their babies. The truth is, inherent in every child is the ability to do evil but when we take charge for their lives in the place of prayers, they will become a force that no darkness can stop. Couples should learn to pray for their babies especially the expecting mothers, by laying hands on the child in your womb that they will prosper in the earth and they will do the will of God, that corruption will not take them but they will manifest the incorruptible life, such that they become strong enough to reject evil, that their sensitivity and responses to God will become so high and swift.

“Prayer is a wall that must be built against all odds such that our children becomes harmless by evil”

The devil is using men more, perpetrating evil everyday and making it more like a normal way of life, this is the strategy of the wicked one to ensure all men are not saved, training the little ones to begin to love evil and learn to grow up in it and never to depart from it. You remember the devil knows the law of growth and he like to use it also, but God’s wisdom is always in the harvest. The wicked one sows his seed where God sow His seed, he also knows that to make a child not to depart from anything when he grow up, is to ensure that such child is trained from when he was a child. A careful watch on your children in prayer and by engaging yourself with prayer will keep your children from all evil. The place of prayers is a place where discernment can be birth, parents need to be discerning and to help a little, when you give yourself to prayer, your state of discernment increases by a constant tune to the Lord. The Holy Spirit begin to bring things to your mind about your children and then you don’t just relax but you begin to pray. When the Lord brings your children to mind, it is not just about thinking if they are find or not, our first response should first be to the Lord in prayers. For our children to be kept in this last days prayers must go forth and their must be intense prayer over them with discerning so that, as things come or before they come we just pick it in our Spirit and then we begin to pray.