“Faith is responding to God according to the revelation of God’s word” 

Our faith is a walk of faith whereby we respond to God base on His word. Truth is Who God is, and we need to walk in truth. We don’t need to change the template of truth, because nothing can be done against the truth but for the truth. If we must walk in truth, then we must understand truth to begin with. We understand from God’s word that we can walk in truth according to the revelation of God’s word that we have received. 

2 John  1:4 I rejoiced greatly that I found of thy children walking in truth, as we have received a commandment from the Father.

Note the word: AS WE HAVE RECEIVED.. We are to walk in truth according to what we have received as a commandment from the Father. We must not shift from what God said to us. Whatever God said to you is truth and truth need to be obeyed. This truth comes from Him because God is truth. By obeying truth we will become children of truth. This is not automatic. No! We become what we obey. We affirm it through doing and not just by confession. Children always yield in obedience to what is said to them. They yield to truth. God is a God of truth, and we are children of truth. So we need to obey truth in order to represent that truth. We can’t claim to be children of truth and then disobey truth. Don’t forget this: as you obey truth, you become the children of truth.