“Faith is your response to what God says” 

Faith is never without an action, that’s why James said faith without works is dead. 

James  2:26  For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

What this means is that, holding to faith without an applied action makes faith to be dead. Works is not evil, works means response and not just effort. I have written on this subject on this blog, please do find time to read it, it will bless you. 

We can not walk appropriately with God without walking in faith. Faith means sight into God, and to walk with Him you need faith. Faith demands demonstration through walking. Your walk of faith or response to faith is called works. If God said to you that through you, He will bless nations and to lend to nations. You walk in faith to this effect, which is to sow a seed. You must desire the spirit of liberality. If you can not learn to give even to one man, it will be difficult to give to nations. Don’t forget that. 

Let me bless you with what God said to me about walking in faith. He said 

“You’ll NEVER do a thing of faith with fear”

Faith is the response we give to God, irrespective of what we see or what we have. Faith is what we put in place even when fear stare at us. Don’t ever be sensual when it comes to walking in faith, you are a man. Being sensual will always come but you must respond in a spiritual way, which is to walk in faith. Respond correctly!