One of the important things in life is the friends we keep. They have a way of helping our lives or destroying it. You know, I remember one of the things my dad, Martins Akinyele said to me was to be careful of friends and I understand him when he said this. He had friends that he gave his heart to but injured the heart. He was committed to the friendship they keep but they were not. But learn this very early, to make your friendship with who the Lord brings to you is mutual. It’s always good. Though there are times you go miles for your friends and it’s always good but ensure your friendship is mutual. Very important. Friendship is a journey on it’s own. We must learn to be able to trust one another and be open minded such that we can discuss things with each other. 

The fault among many a people is that they don’t honour their friends. They don’t value their friends and it’s not the best to do. You know, one thing I thank God in my life is that, am always grateful to folks God brings around me. It’s like a consolation to what happened to my dad for me. It’s either they are sound than I am or we are in the same level and we all have the same hunger for God. So like minds. But the truth is, we must learn to actually love and honour one another. The best of friendship is when we honour ourselves. The place of praying for one another is very important. I love to do like Paul, making mention of my friends in prayer. I know they do for me. You need to know friends with whom your heart connect to. Friendship means to connect. It’s very important. When you connect in the heart, agreeing in the place of prayers will be easy. Learn to place value on your friends. One of the ways to do this is buying of gifts for them, this I learn from Fisayo Oluwafemi. I see how she bless her friends. She have never visited empty handed, not sure of one she did. I see how much value she place on them. I see how her heart connects with them so much even in prayers. Seeing how she is consistent in this, for me, she is  a perfect example among men who value friends. Praying for them. A friend of mine that prays for her friend is Busola Adu, she can pray for you as her friend. When it comes to praying for her friends, she doesn’t joke about this. She’s so intentional in this. She is a blessed lady. These are the oil of friendship. Keep your friends. Value your friends.