When it was said about Jesus being our advocate, the first thing that was made mention of is sin. It is worthy to note here that we need to understand the gravity of having an advocate before we can properly deal with what was said about Jesus here. In other to get the revelation behind this, let’s look at 

  • Who is an advocate? 

An advocate is someone who has the legal right to plead the case of a man before the judge. The job of the client of an advocate is to tell him everything that happened without holding back anything. Even if it means that he was the one that actually killed a man in question. This will help the advocate on how he will plead his case before the judge. Note, you can make your advocate to lose your case when you hide anything from him which he may just find out in the court. He will be dumb not knowing what to do and may not be able to fight for you as he ought to. 

Now let’s look into what was said about Jesus being our advocate 

1 John  2:1 My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, WE HAVE AN ADVOCATE WITH THE FATHER, JESUS CHRIST THE RIGHTEOUS:  

Now, is clear that Jesus is our advocate from this place and like I said in the opening of the word that when an advocate was mentioned, sin  was first made mention of. Like we also said about an advocate, you’ll need to confess what you have done to your advocate so that he will know how to plead your case before the judge. Again, it is worthy to know that the word “confession” was said in the previous chapter before coming to chapter two where the word “advocate” came in. This is it, to be clear from your sins you need to confess it to your advocate, which is Jesus Christ the righteous. We understand also that there is always someone that will like to speak against you before the judge. The scriptures calls him “the accuser of the brethren” and he does this day and night. Confession of your sins is important for you to do to Jesus in other for you to be forgiven and to be cleansed of all your sins. It makes you to be free from the consequences of your sins and to be clear “go and sin no more”. Pastor Poju Oyemade said

“Jesus is our Advocate, our Lawyer. Part of the work of Jesus is Advocacy. This is why he requires us to always confess our sins to him. You cannot have a lawyer without telling him the truth about yourself. Jesus Christ has the power to release you from the consequences of wrongdoing.”

As children of God, we must understand that we have an advocate that plead our case before the Father and then make us free from all our sins so that we can sin no more. Don’t stay on not confessing your sins to Jesus, it is an injury to you and not to your advocate.