“Contentment does not mean you should not have more but it means you’re just fine with what the Lord gives” 

Contentment is important in our lives as believers. We are not like every other persons on the earth but a people separated unto God. Though we have place contentment to mean not to have more of the things we desire but the truth is they must be under the guide of what heavens gives. There are things that God gives that is more than wealth, often people seek wealth than the word that proceed out of His mouth. God knows where the fishes are no matter your expertise His voice is enough to lead you to the place where your net will break when it comes to wealth. The skill to contentment is to be godly, so it becomes a gain when you apply godliness with contentment. 

1 Timothy  6:6 But godliness with contentment is great gain.

One of the ways to get rid of greed is to be content. People that dare opens the door for contentment often do not lack. Even when they lack physically they are kept by the guide of God’s voice through their lack and this to them means contentment.

“Satisfaction does not come by the multitude of what you possess but by the contentment that you possess of God”

Man is not free unless he is content. So, contentment means to have God and to be well enough to hear Him and to receive of Him. Your contentment is tested when you have little and is tried when you have much. Contentment drives the heart like a sea that can not to be troubled even when storms of life comes, it stands its ground yet in times of trouble. Contentment shut your eyes off the lost of this world into what the Lord gives. It brings you to the door of satisfaction that makes you seek that which proceeds from the Lord. Just a little mustard seed is enough to make you content than that which draw your eyes away from the Lord, that is what greed does. The harmful effect of greed is to be content. In the river of greed lies the hunger for more just for a burn but a content heart is like a man that looks to heaven for His daily bread. To be content is to appreciate what heavens brings to you even when the world shines it’s distraction to you, you just stay content. Being content is not in having much or little but to be fine with what the Lord gives.