“The judgment of God is according to truth, because He is of the truth. He is Truth.” 

Scriptures is very clear on things. One of the things we must fear as children of obedience is 


It’s important to note very clearly the word “all” which means the totality of unrighteousness. God is a righteous God. Let’s establish this scripture 

1 John  5:17  All unrighteousness is sin: and there is a sin not unto death.

It says all unrighteousness is sin. We know from our open scripture that this is what brings about the wrath of God against the children of disobedience. What the children of disobedience do is to go against the will of God. It’s a spirit upon the children of disobedience to do things that are against the Lord. Just as God loves righteousness. They, they hate it! As God hate iniquity, they, they loves it. That’s why scriptures scriptures declares friendship with this world is enmity against God, because what the world want to do is to raise more children of disobedience even in the midst of the church. So if the children of God keeps friendship with the world. It brings about enmity against God. They will never do the things of God in righteousness. This means to be free from the wrath of God, you need to keep to righteousness. For it is your nature. Lastly in the next series we will look at the last part that brings about the wrath of God which is against THOSE WHO HOLD THE TRUTH IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. Thank you for following. Please you may drop your comments or questions.