Was just lying down one day, 

When I was taken to a place so quiet, 

Not sure have been there before, 

But I was taken round about the place, 

For behold they are dry bones, 

Having no life in them, 

Then  I heard a voice saying to me, 

“Son of man, can these bones live? 

Thus I answered saying, 

“O Lord GOD, thou knowest”

For I know when God ask a question, 

He does not ask because He requires an information, 

But I know He alone got the answer, 

Then He said to me to prophesy, 

To prophesy upon this bones, 

His words leaped faith on my inside, 

For thus do I prophesy, 

But wait a minute what’s that noise? 

So I heard the noise from that valley, 

Seeing bones looking for it’s own bone, 

Rejoicing as the found one another, 

I saw one still looking for its own bone, 

Oh there he got it! 

But… Wait… No life in them still, 

Then I heard to prophesy again,  

That wind might come on them, 

That they might have life, 

So I did I was told, 

There I saw them marching, 

Wow! Such an exceeding great army they were, 

This I see also that great army will rise up, 

That will cause their light to shine in darkness.