Was in my house one day, 

Just staying under a cool atmosphere, 

Taking the meal my wife just prepared for me, 

Then suddenly I look up, 

There I saw three man from afar, 

I run to meet them from my tent, 

While I bow my head to plea saying,

“My LORD if now I have found favour in thy sight, 

Pass not away I pray you from your servant

 Let a little water I pray you be fetched,

Wash your feet, and rest yourselves under the tree, 

Allow me also to fetch a morsel of bread,

And to comfort your hearts; 

After that ye shall pass on, 

For therefore are you come to your servant,

They were kind unto me,  

For the request I made and they said, 

So do as thou hast said, 

There I hasten to meet my wife at the tent, 

“Sweetheart is like we have visitors, 

Baby please quickly lets prepare meal for them, 

While I go and prepare a calf, 

That one of my servant may dress it quickly, 

To be cont’d