All alone to my estate, 

Looked to the left, right and center for help, 

There was no much strength to look up, 

Taking to my sight on the side that I looked to,  

I turned to a cry thinking of help, 

I’d never raised a heart to cry in prayer, 

The things around me bend my heart, 

Reduces my strength to look up, 

For I was out of strength and courage, 

No one around to help and comfort me, 

I was totally left out just in my dark, 

But suddenly… 

All begin to change in one moment, 

The very moment I looked up to heaven, 

Then I see Him come at the very time, 

The very time that I needed help, 

Even when I thought He was late, 

I’ve thought help was far but…,

Until He comes in and provide, 

Here I stand discovering something new, 

Which is to look up, 

And this shall I continue to do, 

No matter what hold my feet, 

I’ll keep my eyes up high,