As much as it is meet, our heart must always remember that our Lord cometh. The church and the bride of the Lamb must begin to hope for His coming because we are not yet as we ought to be unless He appears and then we appear with Him in glory. 

Colossians  3:4 When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.

We are not just a bride that rejoices that she has a husband but a true bride that knows that she has a husband and that her husband will come soon. This is because we are not also where we ought to be until He appears to brings us there because He went to prepare it for us. The truth is He has prepared it but it is sadden at times when a bride is not truly keeping to her heart the day that her husband will come. The groom will always love to see how her bride long for him and not just being moved by things around. 

One  of the things that pain me most is if in handling someone’s property and have not been keeping it well and suddenly the person shows up, it’s always a regret of how I desired to have cleaned up before the person comes. Often the Lord brings some people our ways to make us aware of His coming by ensuring our friends never tell of their coming but suddenly appear. There we stand in a shock not in seeing him but in much regret of not having things in order. God is always like that and  such shall His coming be. The bride of the Lord keep you store clean, make ready always as though your Lord cometh today. The Lord makes the thunder of His coming to man but the bride must keep a heart waiting to receive her Lord.