“True governance is demonstrated by a true service”

Governance is lost in leadership and we need to look into the aspect of governance in leadership. Even though people tend to understand what leadership is, we have lost the core value of leadership which is not just to lead a people but to govern a people. Not to assume, we need to understand that a leader is a servant whose work is to serve the people. When it comes to servant leadership, we must understand accurately that a servant leader think of himself last. I have never seen seen a servant that eat before everybody in the house but rather first serve everyone on the house and mostly often he eat when everyone has been satisfied as they have taken their meals then he goes on to serve himself. Then you must begin to ask if this is how leadership is why do men love to be a leader because no man love the work of a servant? This is often because men have reversed what leadership is and have chosen to be a leader that think of themselves last, and this is not how to govern a people. So then how does governance come by means of leadership? This comes by 

  • Service 

“A leader that is not ready to serve is not ready for leadership”

Leadership in it real sense means to be a servant. No true leader ever emerge at the peek of leadership without actually serving the people. When you take service away from leadership what we have is just a sheep without a shepherd. For us to actually lead and govern as expected of us we must be ready for true service. True service comes by our willing minds to do all it takes to serve the people with all that we are. Our leadership life is measured by service and governance because a careful look at service we will see in it the ability to govern rightly. We can’t actually serve without sacrifice which takes us to the next point 

  • Sacrifice 

“The soul of leadership is sacrifice”

A true leader that actually govern is the one that can sacrifice, the demand on leadership is sacrifice. A leader should have arrived at the destination of sacrifice whereby he considers himself last and can give and be given to serve the people. How you govern by this is that you have people at your command by measure of sacrifice you have done consistently. All men love a man that can sacrifice for their sake. If in the place of what will cost a man, he sees another man ready to bear the cost for him and actually take it upon himself to bear it, such a man will love to serve you not as a pay back but as as a result of the huge sacrifice you have placed on yourself. Sacrifice in ages has been the way to make things become better and to change the status of things and in sacrifice we have time which take us to the next point. 

  • Successor 

“A successor is the one that reflect your leadership life”

We have successfully raised leaders but we have not raised men after our kind of leadership in the sense that they can take our place in full capacity without any issue at all. Raising a successor takes a reasonable amount of time to invest in people the true life style of leadership and most especially the one we have lived by for years. Most leaders pay attention to their leadership lives but have not paid attention to raising men after their kind, they have not taken time to actually raise men to take after them by exposing all their secrets and how things work for them to the young folks that they believe should take after them. But what we see in our leaders around is a sudden rush and a sudden appearance of a successor they have not had time to build, instruct and to pour all that they have on. Every leader must be intentional about raising men after their kind. We can’t be true leaders without raising a successor such that when such is seen he is the true reflection of who we are in leadership with no difference. The successor must have all the capacity that you have also to lead. 

Mighty leaders have gone but we have not seen lines of their successors after them. Imagine if as a leader you raise at least in twenty years the strength of leaders that can replace you and you build in them the same capacity that you have, properly mentored and accurately disciplined and furnished like you with everything that has to do with your style of good leadership then we should have good leaders in every nation. Every leader must be able to raise successor in leadership that even people will feel if this person is coming from you and we have seen your  leadership traits in him then we are at peace on how his leadership life will be. Leadership is govern by this act but these are often lacking among us we need to wake up to this!