“The giving of grace is to seal the work of redemption over sin.”

It’s very important that grace is of our Lord Jesus Christ and not of man! Very important to note. Jesus was giving to man for man to become Christ’s. God gave His only begotten Son to receive many sons. For heaven to yield sons in the earth, God must give His Son to the earth. The giving of the Son is for the receiving of sons. Sons can not emerge unless the Son die with His blood.

“When the blood of Jesus touched the earth, redemption touched the heart.”

There is something that the blood of Jesus did as it touched the earth, which is; to make man return to God. Grace is the seal of redemption in man’s life that ends the mark of sin. Seal means to be authorized and when grace was given, it was given to seal the work of redemption on the earth for which CHRIST died. 

“We need to stay glue to the Spirit always and we must have a heart of yeildedness -Fisayo Oluwafemi”

When a man yield to sin, he becomes a slave to sin. But when a man yield to grace, he becomes a slave to righteousness. Grace is a seal and not a cover for sin. Sin is not meant to be covered. Grace actually expose sin. Bible was clear that when a man covers his sin, he will not prosper. Therefore grace does not cover anything than to seal the work of redemption over sin for righteousness.