​When I gave my life to Christ, I didn’t change from who I was in the physical and in my attitude to life but a consciousness changed in me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the things I used to do before but I couldn’t stop doing them part of which was because I was so engrossed in them. 

As a matter of fact, many traits crossed with me from who I was to the new life I found in Christ. Though I know that old things are passes away but the reality wasn’t evident until I began to grow in the knowledge of who I am in Christ. 

My carnal nature wasn’t fully taken away, my spirit had been regenerated but my soul still longs for the things that satisfy the fleshly and fleshy desires of the flesh. At some point, I found myself having all manners of feelings to sin, some where not even much more evident before my declaration of Christ as my saviour. Some thoughts began to weigh me down maybe because religion was still playing the boss on me. So, I would not have access to see the nakedness of a woman. So, I would not have to drink my alcohol again. So I would not take some money not meant for me again. I couldn’t hold myself from acting otherwise so, I obeyed the feelings, submitted myself to fleshly lust even though I knew that’s not in obedience to the new life.

But as I grew still in knowledge, constantly giving myself to more study,  began to outgrow those feelings. I began to become true representative of the new kingdom I belong to. Christ was beginning to take dominance in me and sincerely, I began to stand against fleshly feelings and overcoming was in sight. 

It will be dishonest of me to say I didn’t find myself struggling again at some point with what I have inherited from earthly blood line. Yes, my chromosomes has some iniquity imbedded in them so it was had for me to walk free from acting the genetic codes out however, as I began to gain understanding, I began to understand the scriptures as it relates to mortifying my members such that they can be delivered from the hold of sin and death. I also began to understand that I can be led by the spirit as against being led by the flesh, so, I kept reading, hearing, meditating, and studying the scriptures. I made Romans my romantic dose and it help me stabilise. 

Much as I studied the scriptures, I also gave myself to prayers as I realised a praying heart is a heart delivered from the hold of sin. I so much love the scripture that said “sin shall no longer have dominion over you…. ” and I kept repeating that to myself until it became a reality in me. 

Yes, when we became born again, our spirit was regenerated but really our soul which is the seat of emotions, will, memories, intellect and imagination needs to also be renewed and regenerated. We need to consciously train the soul to learn and follow God hence the word of Jesus that says, learn of me….take your cross and follow me. This is my story, grace saved me and my walk with God have been full of graceful living. 

I am one who like to ensure people live responsibly not because we are justified by works but really grace produces works in us. By their fruits we shall know them, and our lives are measured by the fruits we produce. Let’s produce good fruit as Christ has made us Good. Thanks for reading. God bless you.