In all that we do, as much as we consider the God factor in it, it will prosper. God’s intention in all that we do points towards making all things to proper in our hands. Prosperity I mean here means giving heed to the instructions of God, by actively carrying out all that He says on your business and then it all yields profit. God can not do business and be at a loss. It means if He can’t, then we need to learn from Him. One of the things we need to understand is that God categorically said three things to us which is important in our business 

Psalms  32:8  I will INSTRUCT thee and TEACH thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will GUIDE thee with mine eye.

These three things are highly important in making profit the God’s way in our business. I remember reading Kenneth E. Hagin’s book where he said a man did business and he had no loss because he listened to God. For us as believers it is clearly important that our professionalism in our area of business is not enough unless we learn to approach God to lead us. A man like Peter was instructed to throw his net to the sea for which he had toured all night to get nothing but after that instruction that Jesus gave him, for which he obeyed. He got fishes that he was not able to drag out of the water, hence a need for others to help. This is an indication that as your business starts base on God’s instructions, you’ll gainfully employ men to help carry out the business plan. Some times the business we started, we may feel it will only take us to do it to succeed but wait until God bless it, and like Peter you’ll need men to help you get the assignment done. So in the next series we will look how God actually intended it for us to prosper in our businesses.