I confess that my marriage is blessed and what the Lord seek for in every marriage, He will find it in my marriage, which “To seek godly seeds”

Therefore I confess that my seeds are blessed upon the earth and they grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible says that “The glory of parents is to see their children’s children” therefore I confess that myself and my wife(husband) we will see our children’s children upon the earth.

The Scriptures says that “No longer shall I be considered OLD AT ONE HUNDRED that only the curse will live at that!” therefore I understand that Jesus became a curse for me because curse is everyone that is hung on a tree and His blessing, that He made to rest on Abraham therefore rest on me. I do not live as a curse man on the earth, myself and my wife(husband) we live above hundred according to God’s word.

The Bible says “good parents leaves an inheritance for their children’s children and that houses and riches are the inheritance of the fathers(parents)” therefore I confess that myself and my wife(husband), we will not just leave inheritance of riches and houses for our children, we will also deliver God to them and it will extend also to their children’s children as they pass it on in Jesus name.

The Love Transformers