“Being a father is to begin a thing or a lineage and then you produce the power to sustain it” 

Let me begin this way, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Fathers are folks who associate with the mothers to bring an offspring to the world but they are much more than this, let’s look at just two functions of fathers. 

  • A father is known as a source and sustainer  

“Fathers are made, children are born” -Pastor Segun Obadje 

Let me bring it in simple term that you can relate with, you’ll hear in science about the father of science like Isaac Newton and the likes. We understand this because there is something that they began, and if you look at it till date those things are still valid. In like manner, a father is someone who is the source of something and then keep to see that it continues even when he is no longer on earth. Now when you look at Abraham we call him the father of faith because he started a faith walk with the Lord and then brought us all into it. This tells that there is something to bring your children into. When you look at it now, we all confess to be seed of Abraham. You see, fathers begin a new platform that their children can follow or that their children will see as a great pleasure to follow and that thing is sustained by the power at which it was found. I have one of my challenging scriptures which the Lord interpreted to me, that I need to look even beyond natural materials…

Proverbs  13:22  A GOOD MAN LEAVETH AN INHERITANCE TO HIS CHILDREN’S CHILDREN: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

A father is one that finds an inheritance for his children and then it lives on even to many generations. The inheritance that he leaves for them is strong enough that even when he leaves, the inheritance does not leave but is passed on. This is not tradition but inheritance. 

  • A father nurtures

“Fathers have the ability to nurture a thing and watch it grow”

A father is a man that does not just begin a thing but he also sees that he nurtures it. The word nurture means to give it that which is adequate and necessary to ensure that the goal for beginning a thing achieves it end and it is kept even till generations to come. I tell you, when fatherhood is well understood and practiced we will be able to trace some things to the fathers, by which we say he began this like many generations ago or many years ago and then we still find it in existence. See this scripture 

Ephesians  6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but BRING THEM UP IN THE NURTURE AND ADMONITION OF THE LORD. 

The fathers bring their children up in the nurturing and admonition of the Lord, where they give them God. To ask you, what will your children find in your hand?