“Laws don’t have respect for anybody, it only respond to those that obey it”

We have looked at what law is in the last series. We said laws don’t respect any man and does not need your knowledge to work, it just work on its own. It’s good for us to have a knowledge of what law is before we can understand the law of sowing and reaping which we have done in the last series. Now we shall look 


The law of sowing is to sow something because you expect a result or to have the understanding of what sowing is. The law of sowing is to release what you have and just sow it. Reaping from what you sow does not just respond to believers alone. We must understand that it respond to any man. A farmer may not necessarily be a believer before he reaps what he sows. He just get a land, clear the field then sow his seeds and also water it. Surely his harvest will come. Laws operates like principles. When you are aware of them, it just works out for you as you obey it. 

There are some  seeds that by their ownselves they will reproduce another without you planting them again. This tells that seed sown are different from the other. We must learn to sow our money to our local churches. Just do it to God. You’re obeying a law and there is always something that a law produces. We need to know that even scriptures said it plainly that there is a time to sow.

Ecclesiastes  3:2 …a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

You see, there is a time to sow but this does not tell us when to plant or sow. We shall look at WHEN TO SOW in the next series.